The Zija Moringa Juice and the opportunity it presents

Published: 23rd November 2009
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Zija health drink is a vitamin-packed formula made from the juice of the moringa plant and distributed by the Zija Internationalmulti-level marketing company . Moringa has long been used in the Eastern world as a nutritional food source and herbal medication. It grows almost anywhere all over third world countries like India and the Philippines, and is widely available even to the poorest of the poor. For generations past, residents of these places have vouched that the moringa plant is indeed a significant source of many vitamins and minerals Moringa is most often consumed as vegetable soup. It has been commonly believed to increase breast milk production among nursing mothers and has greatly aided sick and malnourished children in the poorer countries. Likewise, the leaves of the moringa tree act as a very effective antiseptic that speeds up the healing process in wounds.

Zija International creator, David Andrews, ably backed by a highly acclaimed management team, laboured endlessly to come up with a product that would bring to the West what biochemists believe to be the most nutritious plant species there is today. In collaboration with a well-known drink formulator by the name of Russ Bianchi, Andrews and his teamintroduced the Zija moringa health drink to the Western market in the year 2006. Also known as the vitamin in a can, Zija moringa drink instantly drew wide popularity among its initial customers. Attuned perfectly to the Zija slogan "Drink Life In", Zija consumers endorsed the moringa drink through word-of-mouth testimonials, with a significant number of them joining the Zija multi-level marketing network.

Zinga moringa drinks are not distributed through the regular supermarket or grocery chains. You can only purchase them from Zija product distributors in your locations. Zija management wanted to make the moringa drink available to the public at the most affordable price so it is only available via direct sales through its distributors.

Income potential from selling Zija health drinks is not that remarkable. In fact, mark-up gains are only enough to cover a distributor's personal consumption, saving him or her what could have been an added out-of-pocket expense. Profit opportunities are rather presented when a distributor sponsors a number of distributors who in turn establish their own downline distributor tier. Knowing a lot of people is key to succeeding through the Zija networking scheme.

If you are the type who hesitates to bring in all your family and friends into your business, then network marketing through the recruitment of distributors is not for you. Yes, the Zija health drink brings fantastic results - top botanists have attested to the moringa's impressive health benefits and a lot have testified to significant health improvement, added energy boosts and general wellness after using Zija. But business wise, there are other networking structures can bring you higher monetary gains and the Zija strategy is not among them. The more compellingfactor to consider when pushing Zija into the market is for its nutritional and health benefits and not for its business value.

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